Silibandia is the largest nation on Earth, with over 5 billion citizens – actually, think subjects.

Its name stands for Silicon Valley plus the broadband and media industries, but it’s really the whole feudal nation, where we peasants toil in the digital fields controlled by the institutional aristocracy, including the troll farm operators and the dark web mafia. (Really, it’s all one big Cosa Nostra – remember when one of them used to say “Do no evil”?)

This immense nation collects over $2.5 Trillion in taxes each year. Taxes? Really? See the breakdown below. And think about it – can you have a digital existence without paying Silibandia with your money and your soul?

The Authenticity Alliance is comprised of

  • Entrepreneurs – CEOs of the Authenticity Enterprises that provide Authenticity solutions to markets and communities in their area of expertise.
  • Individuals who understand the problems that plague the world's information infrastructure and the way Authenticity solves those problems, and who want to play a part in getting others to see those solutions.

The Authenticity Alliance functions like an “Authenticity growers’ Cooperative” – modeled after food growers’ cooperatives like these, which are owned exclusively by the farmers who proudly grow the nourishing food of their brand.

In our case, the farmers are the entrepreneurs and individuals of the Authenticity Alliance who pitch in and grow this wonderful new crop called Authenticity.

Help us grow Authenticity™ a desperately needed nourishment for our online world. Join us in eliminating the inauthenticity we all suffer at the hands of Silibandia.


“Information about you is our property.”

Silibandia’s information infrastructure includes a huge database about YOU — your beliefs, your relationships and affiliations, where you go, who you hang out with, the ideas and information you’ve been exposed to, etc., etc. It’s NOT just about your purchase habits. All that information about you helps those who plan to get you to think their way.

Considering how much power Silibandia has over our lives, perhaps you'd like to participate in governing it.
Let's visit Silibandia to see how you
can participate in its governance.
Welcome to
The Biggest Nation On Earth

We, Silibandia, own the world's information infrastructure.

And we make our own rules.

Since Silibandia has so much control over
our digital lives and our digital selves ...

Would you like to participate in the governance of Silibandia?


Board of Directors

You will need to own or control at least 15% of the stock to get a seat on apple’s board of directors, which requires a investment of $410 Billion. To proceed, see your stockbroker.


Board of Directors

You will need to own or control at least 15% of the stock to get a seat on Alphabet’s board of directors, which requires a investment of $260Billion. To proceed, see your stockbroker.


Board of Directors

You will need to own or control at least 15% of the stock to get a seat on Microsoft’s board of directors, which requires a investment of $325 Billion. To proceed, see your stockbroker.


Board of Directors

You will need to own or control at least 15% of the stock to get a seat on Meta’s board of directors, which requires a investment of $89 Billion. To proceed, see your stockbroker.

Too pricey?

Then let's look at another way
you can participate...

If you find it inconvenient to free up a spare $100 billion
to join one of those boards, don’t despair.

We have another way you can help change the digital world
to bring people what they need.

Do you want:

If you do …

Then you’ll be happy to learn that Authentiverse brings you exactly those things.

Authentiverse is the new digital continent built upon the principles and infrastructure of AUTHENTICITY ™

What are digital signatures, you ask?
And what are “measurably reliable identity certificates”?
And how can you have both ACCOUNTABILITY and ANONYMITY — at the same time?

This will explain:

If you like what you saw in the video, then …

Let’s bring this new world of Authenticity™ to your life

The use of AC in identity-based digital security

AC (asymmetric cryptography) is a mathematical method invented in the 1970s at the same British cryptography organization where Alan Turing, years earlier, shortened Word War II by cracking the German Enigma code. AC uses a pair of large numbers – a public one and a secret one – each of which can solve a digital puzzle created by the other.

In identity applications, AC allows for near-certain confidence that an identity certificate in the digital world represents its human counterpart in the physical world. Such confidence in the identities of people operating in the digital world introduces accountability for online objects, actions, and processes.

This two-minute video shows how AC works in three areas of online activity that depend on solid knowledge of identity.

The transformative potential of AC-based accountability

Real-world accountability for online activity will significantly reduce breaches, fraud, theft, privacy incursion, phishing, ransomware, trafficking, misinformation and other crime and mischief in the online world.

Please note:
  • AC has nothing to do with ordinary encryption of user data. It is a behind-the-scenes technology for real-time verification of online identities.
  • Accountability does not preclude the ability to have anonymity at the same time. The video License Plates explains this.

For a broader view

To see AC’s foundational place in the structure of Authentiverse, watch this video:
AC to Authentiverse

Silibandia doesn’t want you to know about the amazing,
well-proven technology and methodology called AC.
AC puts YOU in control of information about yourself.

MOI™ (MyOwnInformation™)

MOI™ is the secure digital vault that lets you take ownership and control of the use of information about yourself.

Your MOI can reside in your MyOwnOffice, which can be inside your MyOwnHome. (After all, your physical home is a private, secure, bounded social space for family and friends, so why shouldn’t your digital home be your own private, secure, bounded personal social network for family and friends?)

Think of MOI™ as a super-secure digital file cabinet with three drawers.

Your “Biographical Reference Work”

The content of the first two drawers constitutes your Biographical Reference Work (so called because of some characteristics of copyright law).

MOI gives you the tools to claim the information in your Biographical Reference Work as your Personal Intellectual Property, covered by both international copyright law and by secrecy law (usually referred to as “trade secret law” but not limited to secrets used in commerce.)

That means that anyone who wants to use any information in those first two drawers must consent to an implicit or explicit nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and also must obtain a license from you to have and use that information. The license will specify permissible uses, and that any other use of your Personal Intellectual Property constitutes theft and will entitle you to compensatory and punitive damages.

The first drawer is built from Tim Berners-Lee’s W3C Solid specification and is where you store your structured information — things like name, address, phone number, etc — that fit into fields of a certain fairly short maximum length.

The second drawer is for unstructured information such as photos, videos, stories, resumes — typically larger blocks of information that isn’t confined to fields.

Other information you keep

The third drawer is for information that you happen to have in your possession and which requires protection, but which you do not necessarily own — such as files that you use in your work.

MOI is just a start

MOI is very much a work in progress, and its specifications are subject to frequent change. You can help bring it to MVP (minimum viable product) status by becoming an alpha test user.

MOI is just a start on all the things that will be possible in Authentiverse™ — an environment of REAL privacy, REAL security, and REAL accountability.

Help us build Authentiverse!

or ...

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