Let's fix this After 30 years, it's about time!
  • The Authenticity Alliance
  • and
  • build Authentiverse

Authenticity gives you ...

  • REAL privacy for yourself
  • REAL accountability from others you encounter online
  • Accountable anonymity (yes, both — at the same time!)
  • Online spaces with REAL security
  • The ability to log in anywhere without passwords using
    a more secure credential
  • Ownership of information about yourself
  • Control of access to, and use of, that information
    about yourself
  • Social media that respects your relationships with others
  • Anonymity benefits of decentralization – with GOVERNANCE
  • The opportunity to participate in governance of your social networks and
    other online spaces
  • The ability to create your own community, delivering all the above to your people

The Authenticity Alliance

When you join The Authenticity Alliance, we will together
finish building the infrastructure that delivers everything on
that list to people everywhere who care about Authenticity.

Think of The Authenticity Alliance as an

"Authenticity Growers Cooperative"

Similar to familiar agricultural cooperatives in the physical world, The Authenticity Alliance is a network of enterprises and individuals whose purpose is to "grow" Authenticity and bring it to the digital world.

It's all built on something called

While the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure (QEI) — the blueprint for Authentiverse — is designed and documented in detail, much of it awaits the thinkers and builders who will join The Authenticity Alliance, to move us forward together toward the new environment of Authentiverse.

As a thinker, YOU can help spread awareness of this common-sense solution to our accelerating slide into online chaos and crime.

As a builder, YOU can launch Authenticity in your familiar area of expertise, as CEO of an Authenticity Enterprise serving your market or community.

Join us

in bringing Authenticity to your life
and to the lives of everyone who wants
REAL privacy, REAL security, and REAL accountability.

When you join The Authenticity Alliance
as an individual member, you’ll get:

  • Your OSMIO ID Pair digital identity certificate and its accompanying Privacy PEN™

    The certificate is based on the big public number mentioned in this video.

    The certificate is digitally signed by the Osmio Vital Records Department, and the Privacy PEN is the secret big number of the pair.

  • An initial Osmio IDQA sco re of 8 attached to your Osmio ID Pair identity certificate, giving others confidence that you are who you claim to be
  • Your choice of ebook:
  • Monthly newsletter with updates, news, and commentary on the developing Authenticity-enabled world of Authentiverse
  • Knowing that you're on the right side of history in fixing the scourge of INAUTHENTICITY and bringing AUTHENTICITY to the world's information infrastructure
  • The opportunity to participate in the development of Authentiverse
  • Access to facilities in Authentiverse and its Villages (access will be governed by the facility owner)
  • (Coming soon) A clubhouse for your own group of friends, colleagues, and followers
  • (Coming soon) Your MOI™ – MyOwnInformation™ personal information vault, turning information that identifies you into your own personal intellectual property and requiring anyone who wants to use it to get a license from you
  • The the opportunity to participate in the development and application of the ordinances of Osmio, the source of governance of Authentiverse

Quiet Enjoyment, Second Edition

Bring security with privacy to your networks and your life.

The solution to the Internet's problems – spam, malware, botnets, predation, fraud – is old and well proven, but it cannot be deployed the way technology has historically been deployed. Quiet Enjoyment provides the roadmap to building communities of Authenticity.

Escape the Plantation

The principal money-making asset of the large search, digital media, and social networking companies is the digital you – the detailed databases of information about you, your habits, your political beliefs, etc. (It’s not just about you as a consumer.) Learn how to turn information about you into your own personal intellectual property, to be used only under license from you!

Don't Get Norteled

Security technology is today's bloodletting. Like bloodletting, it doesn't work!

If you care about the survival of your organization in an age when security technology is failing us, then do as Dan Geer says and “Read This Book!”

The Future Needs YOU

Learn how your track record of integrity as a notary makes you a Very Important Person as we displace this world’s rampant INauthenticity with Authenticity everywhere.

But don't stop there ...

Browse the videos in the Authenticity University Library, to build your understanding of Authenticity.

Learn about running your own Authenticity Enterprise

Be your own boss, using our Authenticity platform to solve problems borne of inauthenticity in the industry, market, or audience where you've developed experience, knowledge, and contacts.

We'll help you write your business plan, incorporate, and find sources of capital.

Help us bring the generous incomes and integrity of professional licensing forward into the digital world.

Architects and other licensed professionals often earn seven-figure incomes by assuming liability for their certifications. That's why we trust, for example, that a building won't fall down on us.

Society very similar assurances from code auditors, pen testers, database custodians, and other professions that control our digital world.

Help Osmio build professional licensing into our digital world by bringing your experience and expertise to Osmio’s Professional Licensing Commission, which has over two dozen proposed professional licenses.

And look ahead ...

... into the developing world of Authentiverse,
where real people are accountable for things,
actions, and processes, and where privacy and
security finally work as they should.

Become a commissioner in the governance of Osmio, the certification authority/municipality that brings duly constituted public authority to Authenticity.

Learn how optimocracy ensures that you are part of important decisions in Osmio — but only if you participate in the deliberations of your commission.

Upgrade to Accountable Anonymity with an Osmio License Plate Credential. Since the Osmio ID Pair conforms to the S/MIME specification, relying parties can see your email address. The Osmio License Plate Credential enables Accountable Anonymity by letting you assert your identity without disclosing your identity.

Schedule an online or in-person interview with your Attestation Officer to raise your Identity Quality Assurance (IDQA) score as it appears on your badge, giving security-conscious employers, clients, and other relying parties an extra assurance that you're actually who you claim to be.

Identity Quality badge, front and back

Bring the accountability of measurably reliable identity certificates to your blockchain community by setting minimum Identity Quality Assurance (IDQA) scores for the various positions of responsibility.

End the threat of phishing attacks and ransomware by bringing MailSlot™ Authenticity-enabled email to your company or organization.

MailSlot™ Inc., an Authenticity Enterprise, will enroll and train those of your employees and supplier and distributor personnel who are responsible for transaction-oriented communication.

Design an Authenticity-enabled placeware office for your organization from Abyx Properties, Inc., an Authenticity Enterprise.

Mimic the advantages of a physical office space, where you can drop in on colleagues for an ad hoc exchange and reduce the plague of endless meetings.

The Osmio VRD Wallet, an app that keeps your Privacy PENs safe in your phone's secure enclave or secure element.

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